Team building. Group of hands together.


Our team-building workshops are aligned with your corporate objectives.  Whether the goal is to improve communication, create a more efficient work flow, or offer wellness opportunities in the workplace, we provide your employees with an unforgettable hands-on experience with lasting benefits.  We can arrange single session or full day workshops, residencies, or an employee wellness program.  Read our posts on the benefits of team-building here and here.


At any given workshop you can expect lots of smiles and laughter.  Many people go into the workshop feeling skeptical or nervous, but they leave feeling energized, enthusiastic, more focused, and better connected to themselves and their colleagues.

Group of co-workers playing drums
Co-workers playing games

That’s right, drumming can reduce stress!  Employees in several high-stress fields were evaluated before, during, and after a series of group drumming workshops, and were found to feel less stressed and more relaxed after the sessions.


Drumming has been clinically shown to help boost immunity, plus it’s also a bit of a workout!  When employees feel better, their performance increases, and they contribute to a positive and efficient work environment – which means less burnout.  Employees will know that their company values them and actively contributes to their well-being as individuals.

Group of co-workers playing drums
Group of co-workers doing a high five

You’ll see many of those benefits from the workshop translate into the workplace.  In addition to reducing burnout, corporate drumming workshops can help boost mood, contribute to better workplace communication and increased productivity, and solidify bonding among co-workers.  All of this can potentially save the company money in new hire and training costs in the long run.  Investing in your employees means investing in your company!


Corporate, non-profit, fundraising, and other large events offer opportunities for people from various backgrounds to come together for a common purpose.  What better way to get rid of the meet and greet jitters than a drum circle icebreaker?  Drumming icebreakers have the added bonus of giving participants a prop that keeps their hands and their minds busy – which subsequently connects all the participants to a common purpose.  Read our post here about the benefits of breaking the ice with rhythm.


If you’re hosting a large group event such as a conference, retreat, summit, or other public forum, wouldn’t it be great to start everyone out on the same page, and connect to a common goal?  Our conference opener drum circles are just the thing to achieve this goal.  When we start everyone out on the same rhythm, your conference objectives will be exceeded because your attendees connected on a meaningful level right from the start and created relevant workplace metaphors.

These connections help create an atmosphere of focus on a common goal.  Plus, it’s fun, and a great way to lighten the mood!

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